How to apply for Mpesa Paybill Number/ Till Number

Rai Omido

With Mpesa's increasing popularity around the globe, Safaricom has moved to make it easier for individuals to obtain the mpesa shortcodes (Paybill/Till numbers). Initially, you had to make several trips to their shops in order to get your shortcode.

Nowadays, the process has been pretty much streamlined. In fact, you can do the entire process online, at least for the Till number. For the Paybill number, you are required to submit a few documents which might force you to make a trip or two outside of your house or office.

# Applying for a Till Number

The application process of a till number is actually very easy. You can do it entirely online.

The first step is to prepare your documents. These are a scanned copy of your national ID (back and front separately), and your business registration certificate or business permit no.

Once you are ready, you can head over to Safaricom's application portal at

# Applying for a Paybill number

The application process for a Paybill number is a little more involving. You can not apply for it on the portal as you would the Till number. At least as per the time of writing this post.

The easiest way so far is to send Safaricom an email at You will receive an automatic response with the necessary forms and instructions on how to fill those forms.

For more information, check out the official Safaricom website