Easyanp website and API

Easy Apartments and Properties or if you like Easyanp, is a platform that helps individuals who want to rent or purchase properties connect with properties that have been listed by Landlords.


At the beginning of the project, we held a few phone calls with the client, just trying to get the gist of what he was envisioning for his product. We then sat down and formulated a design for the system including the database and all.

The client then got a chance to review what we had come up with and he gave us a green light to proceed with work.

The next step we took was to determine the tools for the job, after which we delved into setting up environments for the development, testing, and deployment of the project. Soon afterward, we began the development of the project.

We used Laravel and many other frameworks and libraries to build a futuristic website platform for Landlords to showcase their properties to tenants, and also a powerful REST API that served both the Mobile application and the Website application. Additionally, we built an epic dashboard using VueJs, with a strong Role-Based Access Control System that helps administrators restrict access to different modules according to roles and permissions assigned to each member of the staff.