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I have been building websites and web systems since 2013. My main aim is developing effective and high quality web software for individuals and businesses.

The technology stack I use includes PHP, JS, VueJS, Python, Linux, Nginx, MySQL, Git + Bitbucket, Trello. My Development style is DevOps oriented. I believe in delivering solutions faster, with remarkable efficiency.

I am currently in College, but available for remote work and short term contract work.

Delivering excellent solutions for businesses and individuals

Your excellent business deserves an online presence

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  • /** * Initialize Business Succes **/
  • const businessSuccess = new Website();
  • let goodWebsitesAreHardToComeBy = true;
  • while (goodWebsitesAreHardToComeBy) {
  • you . contactRaiOmido();
  • }
  • you . getAnExcellentWebsite()
  •   . then (() => you . getMoreLeads())
  •   . catch (() => you . contactRaiOmidoAgain());

My Services

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Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

Sometimes as a company, you may want to have your own custom internal solutions to help you serve your customers or your staff better. These may be Invoicing systems, Learning Management Systems, e.t.c
Website and Web Application Development

Website and Web Application Development

I design, develop and maintain websites, online shops, administrator dashboards and other web based applications, be it Dynamic websites or Online shopping stores
Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

If you need to start accepting payments on your website using Paypal or Mpesa, I got you covered.
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Using solutions designed by me, I help businesses and individuals dramatically increase the amount of traffic to the websites and conversions.

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